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Would Cleopatra Use Boho Balm?

Boho Balm Trio - 100% Natural Skin Care

Boho Balm has a fabulous score using ingredients that have been used for centuries – Honey, Olive Oil and Coconut Oil.

Spotted recently on Facebook, the video ‘A Timeline of DIY Beauty Trends’ from Women’s Health Magazine

Boho Balm has three of their most revered ingredients for natural beauty and radiant skin health.

According to the video women have been using natural ingredients in their beauty routines forever. Here are a few of the insights they shared.

32BC – Ancient Egyptians were using Honey in face masks for softer skin. They also drizzled it on their hair for major shine. Even Cleopatra was a huge fan of Honey. She daily bathed in a bath of calcium rich milk, Honey and rose petals for firmer skin.

400BC – In Ancient Greece anti-oxidant rich Olive Oil was all the rage – the ladies slathered their skin with it.

While Coconut Oil might be big today, it’s actually been adored around the world for centuries. It tames frizz and is an incredible moisturizer.

Today Boho Balm has combined the goodness of Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Beeswax and Manuka Honey so you can experience natural beauty for yourself.

Thanks to Women’s Health Magazine for sharing






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